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Read excerpts or complete text of poetry books & chapbooks by some of the nation’s most exciting contemporary poets. The Poet’s Press has a distinct leaning toward powerful, neo-Romantic writing with clear meanings, powerful emotions and humanistic values. In other words, poetry worth reading!

This press was founded by Brett Rutherford in 1971 in New York City, and has now published more than 162 titles. The reading list from our archives includes full text and/or excerpts from some books which are still currently available in print editions. Other books which are out of print are presented here to help promulgate the work of these important poets.You may read these texts for your enjoyment, or even save the HTML or Acrobat files and print out poems. But please respect the copyrights of the authors and do not republish, perform or otherwise use these works without our knowledge.

The press currently publishes a few print books a year, plus e-book and web publishing. We are now concentrating on print-on-demand paperback editions for some works, and CD-ROM and e-book publication for others. Although we welcome "guest poets" to submit material for the web site, we are unlikely to take on any new print authors for some time.

A large part of our energies are also devoted to preserving and promulgating dead Poet's Press authors, most notably Emilie Glen, Barbara Holland and Annette Hayn. Contributions to the archives for these poets are welcome, in the form of undocumented poems, photographs, and personal reminiscences.

The press is now located at 65 Hope Street/ Providence, RI 02906




The complete poetic cycle, Crises of Rejuvenation, originally published in two volumes in 1973 to 1975, is now expanded and annotated by Brett Rutherford. To read or download the FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF edition of this book, CLICK HERE. The book is also available as a Microsoft Reader (LIT format) e-book — CLICK HERE to download. The print edition of this significant poetic cycle from the 1970s is available now -- CLICK HERE TO ORDER. (To learn more about Barbara Holland and her poetry, CLICK HERE.

This month, THE POET'S PRESS also issues a new facsimile edition of Barbara Holland's long-out-of-print 1980 chapbook, Autumn Numbers. CLICK HERE to read or download this free Adobe Acrobat (PDF) e-book.


One of the early books from our press in New York City was D.H. Melhem's wonderful Notes on 94th Street, a powerful portrait of the vibrant but gritty Upper West Side of Manhattan by a long-time resident and community activist. D.H. was then embarking on her brilliant academic and creative writing career, which has included poetry, novels, and plays. Notes on 94th Street was published by The Poet's Press in 1972, and the sequel volume, Children of the House Afire/ More Notes on 94th Street, was published by Dovetail Press in 1979. We are thrilled that Syracuse University Press has issued a new, 184-page paperback edition combining both volumes into one, titled New York Poems.

D.H. writes about the two decades portrayed in her book: "[E]ach year and decade has shaken with its own turbulence. The 1970s ... were not halcyon days for the City. ...[W]e resided in a White, middle-class enclave on the Upper West Side, surrounded by poor Puerto Rican, Black and White neighbors. Some of them were crowded into SROs (Single Room Occupancy, city-supported hotels). We also lived with whores, pimps and crazies who were being dumped out of overcrowded mental institutions into the streets, along with angry, sometimes neglected children who occasionally preyed on others for money." The poems from Notes on 94th Street include unforgettable character portraits from the troubled years when urban renewal, gentrification, and racial and ethnic tensions played out over a rapidly-changing urban landscape. So why did New York not go the way of Detroit and Los Angeles and many other cities where black and white, rich and poor wound up in segregated, warring enclaves? Perhaps it is because people like D.H. watched, listened, and responded to their neighbors, including rather than excluding, and resisting the faceless forces that would have pushed aside a diverse population to make room only for the wealthy. They did not succeed in this, for the Upper West Side remains as diverse as ever. As the author notes, "While these poems witness another era, they celebrate the dynamics of urban change, the raucous vitality of this great City." She dedicates her book to "The City of New York, embattled, gallant, enduring."

To order D.H. Melhem's New York Poems, visit our BOOKSTORE. To read a sampler of poems by D.H. Melhem, CLICK HERE.


Our first new book for 2006 promises to be one of the most startling books of poetry since Baudelaire. Joel Allegretti, author of The Plague Psalms, has been up to no good since his first book, and this new books goes darker and deeper still, delving into such delicate topics as The Juggernaut, Mother Julian of Norwich, Eurydice as Greta Garbo, Nico, spiders, the Gallows Tree, the horrors of 9/11, and "Billy the Whore: An Encomium in 9 Infections." This 72-page paperback book is now for sale for $13.95 from our on-line bookstore. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


John Burnett Payne (1919-1986) was a well-known New York poet, active in the Manhattan poetry scene in the 1970s and 1980s. His sometimes gritty, sometimes wistful portraits of New York range from a fantasy about Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman passing one another on crosstown buses (one hurlting to a poetry reading, the other fleeing one), to a stark depiction of the run-down movie theaters where the film Taxi Driver was shot. This book includes the full text of Payne's long-unavailable chapbooks, Ghosts Scare Tito Rosa; Tell Me That You Love Me, Con Edison; and At the Corner of Third Avenue and 14th Street. The volume has a foreword by Dennis Barone and an afterword and some annotations by Brett Rutherford. To download or read the FREE PDF e-book version, CLICK HERE. The 104-page paper print edition is now available from our e-store for $14.95 — CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


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The Poet's Press Announces Third Edition of Allegretti's The Plague Psalms

Joel Allegretti's dark and Gothic collection of poems, The Plague Psalms, has gone through two editions — a hand-bound edition, including some copies on exotic hand made papers (the black "Dominican" binding was popular, second only to the flesh-toned "human skin" binding) — followed by a deluxe hardcover binding done by Acme Bookbinding in Boston.

A new, third, paperback edition has been issued, and has been added to our bookstore. You can read selections from this book now in our free PDF sampler. To order the print edition, CLICK HERE for our e-store.

The Poet's Press Publishes The Big Book of Emilie Glen, and 30th Anniversary E-Book of May Eve: A Festival of Supernatural Poems

Here's our first e-book in the Microsoft Reader format. It's titled The Big Book of Emilie Glen, and it's in the LIT format. This format, second only to Adobe Acrobat in popularity, can be read on any PC or Windows laptop with the free reader software available from

To read or download THE BIG BOOK OF EMILIE GLEN, click over the title. This book is free. If there is enough interest, we will publish a paperback of the same material.

We have also issued the 30th Anniversary Edition of May Eve: A Festival of Supernatural Poetry as our second Microsoft Reader E-Book. This landmark little collection features Barbara Holland's two Gothic masterpieces, "Apples of Sodom and Gomorrah," and "Black Sabbath," as well as poems by Shirley Powell, Claudia Dobkins-Dikinis and Brett Rutherford. To read the book on the site in HTML, CLICK HERE. To download and read the Microsoft Reader E-Book, CLICK HERE.

Three New Poet's Press Editions Published January 1, 2005

In what has to be a publishing record, The Poet's Press published three books over the New Years' weekend in 2005. First up was the huge 208-page new collection of Brett Rutherford's The Gods As They Are, On Their Planets. This is available as a free PDF on this site, or can be ordered for $19.95 from Our ON-LINE BOOKSTORE. The Providence-based poet has included in this book all the poems he has written and revised since his last big collection, Poems from Providence. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PDF

The second new book is the expanded third edition of Brett Rutherford's landmark poetry collection, Whippoorwill Road: The Supernatural Poetry. This extraordinary 250-page paperback contains all the poet's supernatural poems, including more than 40 pages of new poems since 1998. Praised by Robert Bloch and Ray Bradbury, these poems may be the best supernatural poems of the 20th century. Now you can read the entire PDF free on this site, or order the print edition for $19.95 from our ON-LINE BOOKSTORE. To READ THE PDF, CLICK HERE.

The third new book is the expanded second edition of Brett Rutherford's biographical play, Night Gaunts: An Entertainment Based on the Life and Writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The book also includes a number of "ceremonial" poems written to be read at H.P. Lovecraft's grave in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence. The play has been performed twice at The Providence Athenaeum, and was recently adapted as a radio play by New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Mass. You can order the print edition for $14.95 from our ON-LINE BOOKSTORE. To read the PDF, CLICK HERE


Invisible Books Publishes Rutherford Poetry in New 80's Underground Anthology

Invisible Books, a new small press, has released a collection of strange and wonderful writing from the "underground" writers of the 1980s. Brett Rutherford's work is there, as well as the writings of Jacob Rabinowitz, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Al Ackerman, Thom Metzger, Paul Raboff, and Julia Vinograd. Editor Rabinowitz, who was a reviewer for FactSheet 5 for several years covering much of the nation's little 'zines, has chosen his favorite "Outsider" writers for this startling collection. The print edition can be ordered for $12.34 from The Invisible Books E-Store. You can also READ THE PDF at Invisible Books.




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