Annette Hayn Chamber Music: New and Selected Poems. This book from The Poet’s Press is a hardcover collection that culminates this fine poet’s long career — vivid and strange and wonderful new poems abound, followed by the poet’s own selection of the best from her earlier volumes. Annette spent her childhood in Nazi Germany and his experience resonates in the very best of her poems; others take a more Surrealistic turn, in lines that always surprise and delight with their elegant simplicity. Preview this book in PDF format or order the edition in hardcover. 01/2005
Joel Allegretti The Plague Psalms. A cheerful compendium of The Spanish Inquisition, the Phantom of the Opera, the Black Death, and other dark delights. A powerful collection of neoRomantic poetry in a Grim Reaper edition. Preview this book in PDF format or CLICK HERE to order the edition in its new paperback edition, published in January 2005. 01/2005
 Emilie Glen

 Late to the Kitchen. An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) E-book of a wonderful chapbook we first published in 1976. This e-book includes links to MP3 files -- if you have a sound card on your computer, you can hear the poet reading from a 1979 performance in New York City. 11/2002

Or click here to hear Emilie read the title poem "Late to the Kitchen."

Jody Azzouni The Lust for Blueprints (PDF Book) the latest addition to the roster of stellar poets published by The Poet’s Press. Also check out the web site
Cthulhu Prayer Society and Friends of H.P. Lovecraft

Local friends and fans of H.P. Lovecraft meet occasionally in Providence for literary, artistic, and social exchange. This publication contains articles, poems, event announcements and fascinating news about all things strange and wonderful. Read the complete run of our newsletters in PDF format. Caution: these are large files — some over 1 MB with color illustrations — so allow time for your browser to download the file for viewing. To get on the e-mail list to receive meeting announcements and Cthulhu newsletters send e-mail to The Poet's Press.

Issue #1 March 2001 The Tree at Lovecraft's Grave -- Clyde Tombaugh Pluto Tribute

Issue #2 April 2001 -- Poems -- New Planets Discovered Around Nearby Stars -- Dracula Review

Issue #3 May 2001 -- Poe and Mrs Whitman

Issue #4 June 2001 -- North Burial Ground

Issue #5 July 2001 -- Lizzie Borden Tour -- Lost Civilizations Update

Issue #6 September 2001 -- Ur-Cthulhu? -- The Harvestman

Issue #7 November 2001 -- The Chepachet Tour: Searching for Rhode Island's legendary Dark Swap with H.P. Lovecraft and C.M. Eddy

Issue #8 March 2002 -- The Giant Squid Issue -- The Innsmouth Athenaeum

Issue #9 - April 2002 -- Faust and Mephisto Special

Issue #10 - June 2002 -- Mount Auburn Cemetery Tour

Issue #11 - July 2002 -- Day of the Gorgons -- Mysteries of Akrotiri - Gorgon Poems

Issue #12 - September 2002 -- Empire of the Incas 10/2002

Issue #13 -- October 2002 -- Search for Lovecraft's Haunts in Lincoln Woods 10/2002

Members of our group exchange messages regularly and download these newsletters for our Yahoo group, lovecarftinprovidence. To join, send a message to [email protected]

Brett Rutherford Updated E-Edition of Anniversarium: The Autumn Poems The culmination of more than 30 years of brooding over autumn and its imagery. A 20th century neo-Romantic masterpiece, evocative of Poe, Shelley, Whitman and the haunted autumn world of Ray Bradbury. Seven new poems were added in August 2002, including BR's powerful poem in response to visiting Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center. 10/2002
Thomas Jones Read excerpts from the Poet’s Press book, Genealogy X, by Thomas D. Jones. This splendid first book by a new American poet traces a lifeline -- from European ancestors, to childhood in urban New Jersey, to young adulthood, and the sometimes frightening prospects of senescence and death. Based in reality, but evocative of Whitman and W.C. Williams.
Barbara A. Holland

Crises of Rejuvenation. A complete cycle of poems written in the 1970s in New York -- and a landmark Poet's Press production that went through three editions -- centered around the strange visual world of the Surrealist painting of Rene Magritte. These poems riveted audiences at New York poetry readings with their wit, style and strangeness. Notes after many of the poems by Brett Rutherford, plus a Biographical and Critical Note.

A group of re-discovered poems of Barbara Holland published by Sanskaras magazine in 1968 and 1969, sent to us by poet and publisher Ronald Hobbs. 10/2002

 D. H. Melhem Notes on 94th Street. Revisit a landmark Poet’s Press book from 1972, D.H. Melhem's stirring rendition of everyday life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where poverty rubs elbows with affluence, and the poet strikes sparks by focusing on street people, workers, merchants and dreamers. These concise poems capture a time and place, and the spirit of New York, dark and light. Also, read about the new, expanded edition of this bok now available from Syracuse University Press! 11/2005
 Brett Rutherford, ed. May Eve: A Festival of Supernatural Poems. A ground-breaking chapbook, published in 1975, with chilling poems of hauntings and witchery by Barbara Holland, Shirley Powell, Brett Rutherford and Claudia Dobkins. Read a large sampling from this monstrous collection, including Barbara Holland’s famous "Black Sabbath" and "Apples of Sodom and Gomorrah." 10/2002
Brett Rutherford, Shirley Powell & more The Sybil in Greenwich Village: An e-anthology of poems for and about Barbara A. Holland. This collection will be expanded with work by other poets who were inspired by or collaborated with Barbara Holland. 10/2002
Emilie Glen

The Big Book of Emilie Glen is a new e-book, gathered from long out-of-print chapbooks. This is in Microsoft Reader E-Book format (LIT). CLICK HERE to download and read this fabulous retrospective of Emilie's work. To get the free e-book reader, go to Microsoft at

Up to Us Chickens. An Adobe Acrobat book: Emilie Glen's out-of-print chapbook of New York life in the 1970s, replete with the scandalous goings-on of an all-nude theater company, a boy who trains his Doberman as a mugging partner, and Emilie's great fantasy of liberated chickens. One of our favorite little chapbooks.

Glenda and Her Guitar/ Emilie and Her Piano. Emilie Glen’s last big collection. A riveting book that contrasts the poet’s childhood as a young piano prodigy against the tragic death of her grown-up daughter, a folk singer. This text in HTML for your browsing. 01/2005

Ronald Hobbs San Francisco poet Ronald Hobbs makes a guest appearance. Also a link to his own poetry web site.
Brett Rutherford In Chill November. Not many poets can write with such passionate commitment while simultaneously declaring war on god, Karl Marx and most of the conventions of modern poetry. Autumn moods, graveyard musings, political satire all in a strange mix.
Annette Hayn Enemy On The Way to School. Poems of a German Jewish childhood in the 1930s. Set against the background of the rising Nazi menace, these poems leave an indelible impression of a lost world, and the eternal alienation felt by those who left it behind.
Don Washburn Read selections from a poetry cycle we have long admired, The Boy From Under the Trees.
Pieter Vanderbeck & Brett Rutherford Twilight of the Dictators: Poems of Tyranny and Liberation. This powerful collection of poems chronicles events through 1989 in Russia and Eastern Europe from a decidedly libertarian viewpoint. Penetrates the world of border guards, collaborators, State-paid thugs who beat writers, the torments of Shostakovich, and the ghosts of Treblinka. Also available in print in a limited edition. 10/2002

Brett Rutherford & Justin Wolff The Providence Phoenix Interview. Journalist Justin Wolff interviews poet and publisher Brett Rutherford just prior to his return to Providence. They talk about H. P. Lovecraft, the Providence Athenaeum, Providence’s allure to artists and writers, and other topics. Read the Adobe Acrobat PDF of this excellent interview.
Brett Rutherford

Night Gaunts: An Entertainment Based on the Life and Writings of H.P. Lovecraft. A play depicting the weird life and weirder fiction of horror great H.P. Lovecraft. This play was revised and expanded in late 2002 and published in a new print edition in January 2005. CLICK HERE for our E-Store to Order the Book. Click over the title to preveiw the book in PDF format. Plus Photo Gallery of photos from the Providence production. 01/2005

At Lovecraft’s Grave. Poems in tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, written for the 50th anniversary of his death, plus other HPL-related poems, and a poem for Frank Belknap Long. Plus photos of Lovecraft haunts. Updated to include the latest poem, "The Tree at Lovecraft's Grave." 10/2002

Things Seen in Graveyards. A poetic cycle covering strange experiences in the gardens of the dead — supernatural, transcendental and erotic. 10/2002

Whippoorwill Road: The Supernatural Poems of Brett Rutherford. Click over the title to view the PDF of this from the 250-page collection from America’s greatest master of macabre poetry. CLICK HERE to go to our E-Store to Order the Print Edition, just issued in January, 2005. 01/2005

Edgar Allan Poe and Sarah Helen Whitman Last Flowers: The Romance Poems of Edgar Allan Poe and Sarah Helen Whitman. The strange, doomed romance of Edgar Poe and his Providence fiancee, herself a fine Romantic poet, as told in the poems they read to, and wrote about, one another. With a hyperlinked introductory essay.
Stephen Ronan Guest poet Stephen Ronan presents "Our Lady of Fall River," a haunting poem about America’s favorite ax murderer. Plus photos of Lizzie Borden, the murder house, and her tombstone.
Jacob Rabinowitz Guest poet Jacob Rabinowitz resurrects ghosts from antiquity in "The Haunting of Cynthia," new translations of Latin poems by Propertius. Chilling!

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